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🎃 20% OFF

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Your order will remain in processing for 2-7 business while it is manufactured.

Swish Embassy products are custom made on-demand at our facilities in the United States or Europe. Here's what happens as soon as you place your order!

1. Pick blanks or fabric. We get the blank garments, fabric or other items for your order.

2. Prepare/Pre-treat. We prepare the garments or fabric for printing with adhesive solutions. 

3. Print/Sew/Embroider. We print your shirts or mugs, sew allover shirts or meggings, or embroider hats.

4. Quality Assurance. We examine you order for defects or misprints and reprint/resew if needed.

5. Packaging. Your order gets prepared for shipping and handed over to the shipping company. International orders get manifested for export.

6. 2-7 Business Days. The whole process last 2-7 business days. Shipping time is in addition and depends on your selected method.